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Obviously, a sustainably wise reader choice can lower a system’s overall costs. It is why, when you plan a new system, it is wise to consider a reader’s power consumption. That is because its power ratings can ultimately leverage outsize impacts on a system. First, reader power ratings will determine backup power requirements in a system plan. Yet backup units also consume energy. Amid today’s growing energy angst, your planned system’s cumulative power consumption ends up becoming our shared responsibility.

That is why we also design products to install quickly and easily, requiring minimal maintenance. We do that because it will reduce the resources you expend over the reader’s life-span. It is also why we provide our readers different configuration and update options, including onsite by mobile phone. Readers with maximum configurability and regular updating will enjoy the longest life-span without replacement.

Our Idesco readers also possess the industry’s highest combined IP-ratings and impact tolerance. This combined resistance to impacts, moisture and inclement conditions further reduces their maintenance requirements. Our Idesco readers possess another unique benefit; their optical tamper for defeating vandals surpasses mechanical tampers which are prone to errors and false alarms.

Taken together, our quality features explain why some of the first Idesco readers ever manufactured are still working today, 30 years later. Of greater importance to you is that our readers’ long-lived reliability will ultimately translate into very significant cost savings, both for your business and your customers.

Additionally, we have worked for decades at minimizing the materials we use in assembly, not just out of respect for our shared environment but, quite simply, to reduce costs. Now we see that raw material sourcing in the electronics industry has become a global challenge, extending everyone’s delivery times.

Even though our aggressive, proactive material management has always been (gratefully) an Idesco core competence, we can’t do all this work without your help. Your partnership will help us both succeed. That is why we ask you, our customers, to forecast your future product demand as accurately as possible. Forecasts powerfully help us ensure the shortest possible delivery times to you amid the current global conditions. Naturally, we will happily continue delivering products to your customers’ sites for your convenience and reduce energy in your own logistics.

Learn more about Idesco product sustainability and reader manufacturing principles:

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