Send mobile credentials to users from your access control system?


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Our accelerating effort to enhance the flexibility and convenience of our mobile solutions are reaching a turning point. We have been developing a new kind of centralized mobile credential service to let your access control system push credentials down into your users’ phones. This is an especially vital feature for systems that serve large user populations. It is now slated to complete proof-of-concept before July.

With our new service, you won’t need a separate credential management system tied to your access system. Instead, our service is designed to integrate smoothly into your own access control system across a simple interface utility. This lets you manage conventional and mobile credentials together within your system, without being burdened to open another. Naturally, our new service won’t change one powerful Idesco Mobile Lite convenience: your ability to accept and enroll a credential created when users install from Google Play or App Store. Lastly, a key feature of our service is that its simpler design also strengthens its security with strong encryption and authentication.

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