Sanni Valtonen introduces herself

Sanni Valtonen has been permanently with Idesco for a couple of years now, having started originally as a summer trainee. She processes orders, including determining delivery times, then sending order confirmations.

Sanni admits she enjoys her job. “This is a pleasant job in a relaxed atmosphere, and I have nice colleagues”, she reflects. While growth has increased order handling pressures, the recent assignment of two employees to order processing has made the work easier. “If I ever have a question, I can always ask my colleague and teammates in production, customer support or sales. The best part of this work is being able to help customers and solve their needs”, she concludes.

Most of Sanni’s free-time she spends studying toward her goal: a degree in industrial engineering and management which she hopes to achieve in a few years.

If you have a question regarding your order, it is best to call +358 44 763 7507. That number always connects you with either Sanni or Mari who can help you. Now, especially with summer (and its vacations) approaching, it is vitally important you send orders, or inquiries about them, to our general order handling address: Please note you may now also order products using our website’s order form, found on our customer support page and linked on some individual product pages.