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Using your smartphone to enter a building is more than just secure – it’s a smart solution too! While your phone’s privileges are securely authenticated when transacting with a door’s reader, you can also avoid touching a surface in frequent use by others. This makes mobile access both secure and hygienic!

Idesco Mobile Lite’s security level 1 even provides access without forcing you to open your phone at all. Leave your phone in your pocket and the reader will recognize your credentials from distance, unlocking or opening the door for you as you approach. Hospitals will recognize this powerfully enhances staff hygiene by minimizing their contact with surfaces during access, while still securely controlling it.

While security level 1 is wholly adequate for a hospital’s indoor access points, levels 2 and 3 are ideal for securing a hospital’s external access points. Level 2 transacts when you select the app’s button, while level 3 demands you fulfill your phone’s own security unlock protocol (e.g. swipe, pin, fingerprint, etc.). Whichever you choose, reader transactions are always encrypted by 128-bit AES.

Even better, Idesco Mobile Lite is fast and easy to deploy. Users aren’t required to register with a cloud service. They simply download and install the app in their phones, automatically creating an ID for import in your system when they bring their phone for enrollment to their work site.

Idesco Mobile Lite transacts with Idesco 8 CD 2.0 MI, designed to smoothly replace old MIFARE® readers. Best of all, Mobile Lite’s device IDs will work seamlessly in tandem with your systems’ current population of MIFARE transponders if you prefer not limiting solely to mobile phone access.

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