Idesco ID brings access cards to smartphones

  • Bluetooth RFID reader
  • Mobile device access control
  • Virtual access card

Convenient mobile access

Mobile access with smartphone

Using your smartphone to unlock a door is growing popular. Idesco ID makes smartphone door access easy for users, and makes it simpler and more cost-effective for building owners to install and manage. Idesco ID lets you replace users' conventional tags and cards with virtual access cards - mobile IDs - that you send to users' phones. Or you can keep using both side-by-side. You can send virtual access cards (mobile IDs) to smartphones one at a time, or in bulk, directly from your own system. No cloud services, no separate system is needed.

A virtual access card - an ID stored in a phone - is just as secure as a normal access card, but even more cost-effective. How so? Idesco ID makes it easier to send temporary virtual access cards to one-time visitors' or maintenance workers' smartphones. That means Idesco ID is the most convenient way to add mobile access control to your site AND manage privileges. No plastic cards or special resources are needed to send mobile access IDs to users.

At your system, Idesco ID lets you send virtual access cards to users' phones directly - no cloud service, no 3rd party system needed. This keeps mobile IDs only in your system and users' phones. You can delete users' E-mail or phone numbers from Idesco ID after users install their IDs. Without cloud registration or passwords, no personal user data resides in the cloud. After users accept their virtual access cards, your system recognizes their phones!

Considering mobile access? Idesco ID is for you

Want to manage mobile IDs alongside your current system’s conventional userids? Want to send virtual access cards to users’ smartphones directly from your own system? Want the freedom to choose Idesco ID’s free mobile access app or integrate your own mobile app with Idesco ID? Then Idesco ID is for you! Idesco ID makes adding mobile access simple and easy.

Integrating Idesco ID is fast and easy

1. Install readers

Idesco mobile-compatible (BLE) 8 CD 2.0 MI readers transact either mobile IDs or your system's conventional MIFARE DESFire tags.

2. Deploy Idesco ID

A simple interface integrates Idesco ID with your system. You can delete user data after sending IDs to their phones. Secure, convenient!

3. Users install app

Idesco ID app is free; it lets lets users enter your building according to privileges you define in your system. Or deploy your own app.

Idesco ID free smartphone app

User-friendly Idesco ID app is available in Android and iOS. It lets users enter their building after their mobile ID is registered in the system. That is because the app is instantly recognized by Idesco 8 CD 2.0 MI MIFARE DESFire access control readers. It responds seamlessly to different security levels assigned to each Idesco reader. Best of all, when needed, the app will host multiple IDs to different systems and buildings.

(If you prefer your own mobile app, Idesco ID credential service can easily integrate to it instead.)

Choose unique security levels for each door

Security level 1

Hands-free access with phone in pocket. No waving, no screen touch needed. Assign detection distances out to 9 meters. Hygienic, convenient for automatic doors inside your building.

Security level 2

Idesco ID app displays buttons on phone screen for any detected door readers. Upon selecting the appropriate button on phone screen, reader triggers door to open for user.

Security level 3

The security lock algorithm the user programmed for their phone (fingerprint, pin code, etc.) must be fulfilled before reader will trigger selected door to open. (Highest security level)

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