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Access with only your phone

Mobile access control

Access control with mobile phone should be secure, reliable and flexible. Idesco's two downloadable mobile access apps, Idesco Mobile Lite and Idesco Mobile Cloud provide all these features. Both seamlessly transact with Idesco bluetooth RFID readers, can be integrated into existing MIFARE systems or deployed into new ones. While Idesco Mobile Cloud credential management is cloud-based, Idesco Mobile Lite creates a mobile credential in the user's phone when downloaded from Google Play or App Store. Both apps protect reader transactions with highly secure 128-bit AES encryption.

Idesco Mobile Lite gives system administrators three distinct security levels to control door access: I.) automatic “hands-free”; II.) activate phone app's screen button; and III.) open phone's own security locking protocol (e.g. password, pattern or fingerprint). A user doesn't need to register online and their phone doesn't require a network connection. The downloadable app creates a device UID you enroll into your system. It behaves like other MIFARE IDs, so tags can stay in use, making it a convenient solution for temporary access as well. Easily configure different security levels at each door by simply swiping a configuration card over its reader.

By contrast, Idesco Mobile Cloud gives administrators anywhere in the world an unprecedented flexibility to create and manage users, their credentials and privileges in a cloud-based application. Users receive these mobile access privileges just as conveniently - anywhere in the world. Administrators also manage their site's reader installations from within their cloud account. Idesco Mobile Cloud app is downloadable from Google Play and Apple’s App Store. As with Idesco Mobile Lite, Idesco Mobile Cloud integrates seamlessly with existing access control systems and lets traditional MIFARE tags remain in use.

Manage access anywhere: Idesco Mobile Cloud

Global management

Create, manage, share, assign and control user, group and door privileges, regardless of location. Users may also receive and activate their privileges from anywhere in the world.

Flexible integration

Keep MIFARE DESFire tags in use or access by phone only: Idesco 8 CD 2.0 MI readers read both. Readers and Idesco Mobile Cloud will seamlessly integrate into your current MIFARE system.

Secured BLE / NFC connection

Whether your users transact via BLE or NFC, their phone (Android/iOS) connections and credentials will always remain protected by robust, highly secure 128-bit AES encryption.

Simple convenience: Idesco Mobile Lite

Assign security for each zone's need

Program access to be triggered by
I. Device proximity (BLE) for “hands-free” entrance
II. Pressing a button in device app;
III. Entering device password, pattern or fingerprint

No on-line registry,
Nor cloud-dependent

Downloaded app (Android/iOS) creates device UID. Simply enroll it to your system with Enrollment Station. Even lets MIFARE cards or tags remain in use alongside users' mobile phones!

Secured, convenient BLE connection

128-bit AES encryption and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) gives you the best of both worlds: unbreakable security and a transaction distance you can configure even out to a few meters.

Learn more about Idesco mobile access solutions

Need a smart, mobile access solution? Idesco has two of the best: Idesco Mobile Lite keeps deployment simple and easy for users and security managers, while Idesco Mobile Cloud provides powerful, flexible credential management for larger user populations. Explore which suits you best.

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How to deploy mobile access control? Learn more in a short video!

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