Reliable ID in truly remote sites


Cabling restrictions and inclement weather outdoors can make designing access control for construction sites a steep challenge. First, such sites’ need for access control is nearly always temporary, which reduces the incentive to deploy data cable. If a site is remotely situated, its readers must also be able to operate independently over long durations, without constant monitoring.

Idesco designed its 9 CM 2.0 GPRS reader to solve all these issues by permitting transaction data to be transmitted to a system over GPRS networks. Now the system can be sited anywhere, including literally on the other side of the world, as long as a GPRS mobile data network is available to the reader.

As a result, Idesco’s 9 CM 2.0 GPRS has now been deployed to help construction sites comply with construction employee tax regulations in Norway (“Byggekort”), Sweden, (ID06 card) and Finland (“Valttikortti”). All construction companies in these countries now issue similar cards to its construction site employees for identification, work environment control and reporting on employee tax obligations.

One particular convenience of the 9 CM 2.0 GPRS reader is all of its settings can also be configured via SMS from anywhere in the world (password-protected, of course). Such remote configuration lets you conveniently adjust site readers from headquarters, eliminating the need for costly on-site management.

Lastly, since 9 CM 2.0 GPRS was robustly designed for outdoor deployment in harsh, inclement conditions, it tolerates wide temperature fluctuations, is fully dust and moisture proof and comes equipped with a large status LED, to ensure visibility even in bright daylight.

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