Reliable, cost-effective long range EPC


Idesco EPC readers leverage the UHF frequency’s powerful advantage over other RFID frequencies: it reliably detects tags out to several meters. Additionally, passive (unpowered) EPC transponders are much less costly because they don’t need internal batteries to power them. That means passive EPC transponders aren’t just inexpensive – they are often much more reliable. Why? Because passive tags don’t need frequent (and costly) servicing, which means they can be permanently sealed against inclement or hostile environmental conditions that usually damage or disable active, powered tags.

Idesco designs its robustly reliable, high IP-rated EPC readers to flexibly support a wide range of long range tasks including personal and vehicle access control – without users ever stopping. Lastly, Idesco EPC readers’ anti-collision capability lets them detect several tags simultaneously – an ideal zone control feature.

Tough, versatile EPC 2.0

EPC 2.0 is not only ideal for vehicle identification and logistics, but also long-range personal access control with its ability to transact encrypted GenV2 EPC tags all the way out to 10 meters. Better still, its transaction distance is adjustable, for flexibly defining a preferred reading area. when tasked with zone control, its robust anti-collision capability ensures all simultaneously-detected tags are held in buffer to be processed sequentially. Finally the ability of an additional, external antenna to connect to EPC 2.0 is particularly useful in vehicle identification since it will function essentially as another reader, letting you detect traffic from opposed directions with just a single reader.

The passive UHF transponders read by EPC 2.0 are readily multi-sourced in several types, from windshield stickers and cards to tags attachable to metal surfaces. Tags are also available you can code to both personal (MIFARE; 13,56MHz) and long-range vehicle parking access (EPC; 865-868 MHz).

Small and convenient EPC 2.0 Compact

EPC 2.0 Compact is smaller and better-suited for personal access control. Capable of reading tags out to four meters, EPC 2.0 Compact is ideal wherever hands-free access control is needed because it lets users enter without stopping or waving their tag beside a reader to make the door open. At automated hospital doors or secured airport baggage zones, for example, EPC 2.0 Compact provides smooth access authentication from tags attached to clothing, hanging from a necklace or affixed to a patient’s bed, while ensuring smooth, hygienic access to care staff or fast, robustly secured access to baggage vehicles in airport settings.

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