Reliable long-range EPC 2.0

Idesco’s EPC 2.0 readers provide you a powerful advantage: they can reliably detect tags out to several meters.

Idesco’s EPC 2.0 readers provide you a powerful advantage: they can reliably detect tags out to several meters. Equally important, passive (unpowered) EPC cards and tags are extremely cost-efficient because they don’t need internal batteries to power them. That makes EPC tags and cards both inexpensive and more reliable, with huge resultant cost-savings. Why? Because being permanently sealed against hostile conditions also eliminates the considerable cost of frequent, battery replacement and transponder servicing.

Idesco designs its high IP-rated EPC 2.0 readers to flexibly support a wide range of long range tasks. These include personal and vehicle access control – without users ever needing to stop. Lastly, Idesco’s anti-collision EPC 2.0 readers can detect several tags simultaneously, making them perfect for zone control.

Tough, versatile EPC 2.0

EPC 2.0 is not only ideal for vehicle identification and logistics, but also long-range personal access control. EPC 2.0 can detect encrypted GenV2 EPC tags all the way out to 10 meters. Better still, that distance is adjustable, letting you flexibly define your preferred reading area. If tasked to zone control, its anti-collision feature lets it store all detected IDs in its buffer for sequential processing by your system. Finally, the reader’s ability to integrate an additional, external antenna is invaluable for vehicle identification. That antenna functions like another reader, letting you monitor opposed direction traffic with just a single reader.

The passive UHF transponders EPC 2.0 reads are readily multi-sourced in a range of types, from windshield stickers and cards, to tags attachable to metal surfaces. We also offer tags you can code to both personal (MIFARE; 13,56MHz) and long-range vehicle parking access (EPC; 865-868 MHz).

Small, convenient EPC 2.0 Compact

Like its name, EPC 2.0 Compact is smaller and better-suited for personal access management. Able to detect tags out to four meters, EPC 2.0 Compact is an ideal hands-free access solution, letting users enter without stopping or waving their tag beside a door’s reader. At powered hospital doors or semi-secured indoor zones, EPC 2.0 Compact provides smooth authentication from clothing-attached and necklace tags, while keeping access hygienic for care staff or smooth and seamless for transiting employees.

EPC tags

Long-range applications often present a wide variety of environmental conditions – and challenges. That is why we offer different transponder types: to ensure you an optimal performance solution for your environment. Each type is adapted to unique conditions, helping it maximize its read range and your application’s functional reliability. Reader and tag positioning is another important factor.

We encourage you to download our Installation guide to help identify important features in your installation environment and gauge your readers’ emission patterns for vehicle identification (AVI) tasking, for example.

Finally, different EPC transponders will meet different needs. For example, containers prone to impact might require large, tough screw-attached EPC tags. Alternatively, flexible, washable silicone EPC transponders, attachable to clothing by sewing, lets hospitals streamline their tracking of linen and clothing.

Our guide doesn’t just explain transponder type. It also explains why the installation surface for a tag must be carefully considered when designing your application. For example, car windshields need specific, specialized transponders that either won’t function, or won’t function as well on other installation surfaces. For example, surfaces that do not tolerate attachment drilling are ideally served by EPC sticker tags.

The guide excerpt below summarizes features of the EPC transponders we provide:

Metal surfaces

Idesco EPC Metal Tag ABS

Suitable for logistic applications, can be installed also on other than metal surfaces.

Idesco EPC Ultra Tag ABS

Robust, durable transponder, a little bit larger in size, suitable for marking cargo and containers. Suitable also for other surfaces than metal surfaces.


Self-adhesive label transponder for logistics and different asset tracking applications of goods with metal surfaces.


Idesco EPC Windshield Label

Windshield label for vehicle identification applications. The transponder becomes disabled when removing, meaning that it can’t be removed and used again in another vehicle.

Cloth marking

EPC Silicone tag WT-A521 GR

Flexible, washable silicone transponder for streamlining laundry logistics.

Cards for access control / combined access control and vehicle identification

ldesco EPC MIFARE Card ja EPC + HID Prox card

Convenient access and data collection with a combined access control / vehicle identification card. The card is readable with an EPC reader and a smart card or a prox card reader, meaning that users can access the parking lot and their workplace using the same card. Available with EPC and MIFARE® Classic or DESFire, or with EPC and HID Prox technologies.

Idesco EPC Sail Tag

Small EPC transponder for access control solutions.

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