Reader configurability

Idesco readers’ life span is long, and they are readily equipped with many features you can start using later if you decide to develop your system.

We often highlight how important flexibility and high configurability are to choosing a reader. But what do those words truly mean? In short, configurable readers will readily adapt to different system-related technical and usability-related requirements. Idesco readers are highly configurable. For example, you not only can adjust what card data they interrogate, assign buzzer sound on/off, adjust LED color and its response when presented with a card. You can also determine keypad backlighting.

Additionally, Idesco readers’ life span is long. It means their many features will remain available later if you decide to develop your system. For example, you might choose to migrate to more secure MIFARE DESFire technology or even mobile access. This will help you minimize your system’s migration or development costs later since you won’t need to replace your readers.

Idesco readers can be easily updated with just a configuration card. However, by choosing the secure open standard OSDPV2 protocol for your system, you can make software updates even simpler by using the protocol’s file transfer capability. File transfer updates can be initiated directly from your system, to all of its readers. Certain mobile identification features and settings may also be performed via our mobile app, Mobile Coder.