What is a R/W reader?


RFID reader with a card holder

RFID devices read either a transponder’s unique serial number, or for more secure ones, encrypted data stored in its chip. However, some devices can also write data to a transponder. These R/W (read and write) devices are ideal for payment tasks. As example, a user’s tag can track gym visits gym they have paid for. When a reader transacts with the tag, it can reduce by one its remaining number of visits. Also other access data can be stored in the card.

Idesco’s R/W reader, 9 CD 2.0, comes in several different housings. While its desktop housing differs significantly from others, it also provides convenient options for users. For example, its USB interface lets you connect it to your PC, making it ideal for coding cards and tags.

Additionally, Idesco’s desktop housing has a convenient card holder, letting you insert and secure cards for starting up machinery and maintaining its function. This is a popular feature for cranes, large machinery or buses: detection of an authorized card starts the machinery; removing it from the holder shuts it down.

Learn more about R/W 9 CD 2.0 products.

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