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Readers with tactile keypads are often requirements in Scandinavian deployments. It is why we design them with features that provide you the best options for meeting such requirements. Idesco keypads won’t force you to compromise on durability or reliability. Indeed, our long experience making reliable, weatherproof readers is why some remain on the job today since they were first installed almost three decades ago. We bring that same expert design and craftsmanship to making our latest keypad readers.

As mentioned, keypad readers for most Scandinavia sites must meet certain design and usability criteria. It is why Idesco’s keypad readers provide tactile feedback when a key is pressed, along with a tiny tactile bump on the five key. This extends the reader’s usability to those with visual impairments. Our keypads also provide larger lit areas and backlit keys to enhance their visibility in the dark. To ease installation as well as enhance usability, we have been offering backplates designed to suit different access angles to best suit your installation and site’s user population.

However, it should be mentioned that some conventional mechanical keypads on the market have major problems whenever dust, snow or ice block their keys. Idesco solved this problem decades ago, including recently by designing even its mechanical keypads with very high IP ratings suitable for outdoors.

Idesco makes two different readers with tactile keypads, VS Pin and VM Pin. VS Pin fits over standard sized doorframes while VM Pin provides an optimal fit over standard electrical sockets as well as many other locations.

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