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Installation/Shield plates, Weather covers, Vandal covers

Installation / Shield plates and Weather Covers enhance siting, letting you install on metal, opposite another reader, at different angles, and protect against adverse weather. Installation plates (Slim, Basic, Quattro, VS and VM) minimize eddy currents on metal surfaces, neatly cover old holes when replacing old readers. Shield plates protect against the EM interference of an opposite sited device. Angled backplates (Quattro, VM and VS) come in two angles to ensure accessibility over a greater height range. Weather covers protect against encrusted snow and high direct sunlight surface heat. For VM / VM Pin and EPC 2.0, vandal covers provide extra protection for rough handling and attempts to break the reader.

Performance issues occasionally arise when an RFID reader is installed on a metal surface, or behind another reader, on its opposite wall-frame side. Another issue is operability when a pin pad becomes encrusted with snow. Equal accessibility at different heights can also pose an installation problem. Our accessories solve these problems. Idesco installation plates shield your readers from metal surface eddy currents while conveniently covering socket holes and providing adequate cable space from beneath.¬†Idesco’s shield plate protects against EM interference when another device is situated opposite it, on its door frame or wall. Weather covers protect pin pad operability from both encrusting snow and the high surface heat of direct sunlight on the hottest days. Vandal covers provide extra protection for rough handling and attempt to break the reader.
  • Installation plates greatly reduce metal surface eddy currents
  • Also cover unsightly old screw holes and ease cable threading
  • Shield plate protects from nearby device EM interference
  • Angled back plates enhance accessibility, usability
  • Weather covers protect against encrusted snow, high heat
  • Vandal covers provide extra protection for vandalism



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