Powerful new features arriving!


A new firmware update to 8 CD 2.0 has been released together with a new version of our powerful coding and configuration tool, DESCoder. Additionally, our installer-friendly, free mobile app, Mobile Coder, now eases adjustment of all the newest Idesco 8 CD 2.0 readers – not merely mobile-compatible versions. (To learn more about the powerful firmware update, enroll in our seminar next month; see next story.)

In addition to editing Bluetooth settings (i.e. detection/transaction range), security level and door names for easy recognition on users’ phones, Mobile Coder will also now let you adjust re-read delays, OSDPv2 reader addresses, buzzer levels and other standard parameters across the entire family of new 8 CD 2.0 readers.

Once Mobile Coder is installed on your phone, adjusting reader characteristics is easy. Simply encrypt a configuration authorization in our new DESCoder on your pc, import it to Mobile Coder via your phone’s QR code scan, and you’re now ready to go – fast and easy!

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