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RFID touch screen

Idesco’s touch screen reader, Access Touch, is a powerfully versatile platform, designed to fulfill multiple tasks, including identification, across a wide range of needs and settings. In addition to its ability to transact transponders, you can also configure it to receive and process data your users enter on its touch screen. Additionally, it is fully capable of administering a system itself or forwarding data onto your host over either cable or wireless.

Obviously, Access Touch is designed to generously support 3rd party GUIs, their menus and buttons for mediating user choices, and for triggering executables. As a result, Access Touch has grown into a popular platform companies use to host payment applications, handle cashless meal payments in cafeterias, support employee on-site time and attendance, in addition to serving info screen/info kiosk roles.

Access Touch 4.1 provides a screen width of 8,4 inches, while the more compact Access Touch 4.0 offers a 7 inch wide screen. Learn more about the devices.

HR solution developer, Necom Oy, deployed Access Touch 4.0 for their employee time-tracking software. Learn more!

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