Small site? Idesco ID Entry Level!


Are you a smaller company, interested in using mobile phones as access card to your building, but worry your company size doesn’t make it feasible? Idesco ID Entry Level might just banish your concerns. It uses simple, onsite physical enrollment to detect and import credentials from users’ phones into your system. This keeps your startup costs low while simplifying adding new users.

Users’ mobile credentials are created when they download and install Idesco ID app from Google Play or AppStore. Idesco ID app secures each credential behind AES-128-encryption. Once you connect our Enrollment Station to your pc, it will detect and import users’ mobile credentials into your system. Enrollment Station is a USB desktop reader that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to detect and read embedded Idesco ID mobile app credentials.

This is how Idesco ID Entry Level lets you and your users avoid cloud services, giving you a fast, cost-effective way to import their mobile IDs into your system. Finally, Idesco’s mobile-compatible 8CD 2.0 MI readers work equally well with mobile credentials or conventional MIFARE cards and tags. This lets you offer users the best of both worlds, together: choose from conventional card/tag access, or mobile access, whichever they prefer.

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To mobile compatible Idesco 8 CD 2.0 MI readers

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