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Embed an OEM RFID module in your device for accurate data

Need to embed a compact OEM RFID module in your own device for data collection, asset tracking, access control? Our modules transform it into your own RFID reader. We've delivered OEM RFID modules for 29 years to hundreds of projects around the world. They've been tasked to everything from tissue sample identification to vending, and embedded in a variety of machinery as well as being integrated into more traditional RFID readers under our customers' own brands.

Compact, easy to integrate

Our OEM RFID modules are designed compact, to fit into a wide range of devices. They are engineered to accommodate the most common interfaces and technologies, ensuring maximal functionality with your system. Did you know our modules have been certified to Valttikortti-, Byggekort- and ID06-compatibility, satisfying Nordic employers' workplace reporting requirements? Our OEM RFID modules' small size, their technology/interface variety and our long experience at OEM customisation are what ensures Idesco can meet your custom, specialized RFID data collection needs.


Idesco's Module, while a standard OEM RFID module, still offers compact dimensions: 72 x 37,8 x18 mm. Available with connector, cable or neither, the Module supports several technologies from 125 kHz Prox to high security MIFAREĀ® DESFire (smart card), and numerous interfaces to ensure system compatibility.

Idesco OEM RFID module
OEM RFID module with connector

Module with connector

The image at left shows Idesco's Module with integrated connector interface.

Module with cable

At, right is an image of Idesco's Module fabricated with cable connection.

OEM RFID module with cable
Compact OEM RFID module

Compact Module

Idesco's Compact Module offers a significantly smaller profile of 40,9 x 39,0 mm. Available only with high secure MIFARE DESFire technology, it supports deep encryption you can stretch from user transponder to your system or reader host. While this OEM RFID module is fabricated with neither cable or connector, it still suports a wide variety of interfaces with which you can connect to your system.

When to choose a module

If you sell your own readers, integrating one of Idesco's versatile modules will notably enhance your offering. Or you might need to provide one of your business' devices, machines or products with an RFID reading ability. Idesco modules can also deploy to automate data collection, inventory tracking or security when integrated into fabrication lines, logistics machinery or worksite access points. Very often, embedding an Idesco OEM RFID module into your existing infrastructure or machinery will prove more convenient than connecting a separate reader to your device.

OEM RFID module

Versatile, easy integration

Integrating an Idesco OEM RFID module is easier due to their compact dimensions and support for a wide variety of technologies and interfaces. That's because an Idesco module is simply a small PCB (printed circuit board) that easily embeds in most device and machinery housings. Both the 8 CD 2.0 Module and 8 CD 2.0 Compact Module can host support DESFire's robustly secure encryption capability and are Valttikortti-, ID06- and Byggekort-compatible.

Expert design and service

Our expertise as an OEM RFID module designer is built on nearly 30 years of experience. Over the decades, we built numerous success stories with our OEM customers, expanding our know-how on integrating RFID into other fields of business, refining our service and support skills. Today, we work hard to maintain consistently positive feedback in our customer surveys. Our customers have grown to value our short chain of command, prompt, expert answers to their questions, our close consultation with them during design, and our professional technical support. All our OEM RFID modules are EU-manufactured.


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