When is an OEM RFID module best?


OEM RFID module

Modules are the essential core of our RFID readers. They give you the freedom to basically embed any suitable device of yours with an RFID reading and data collection capability. If appliances at your site require specific user adjustments, or you must limit access to certain machines to specific, authorized users, then embedding them with an RFID module greatly simplifies your requirement.

When does it make more sense to consider embedding a module instead of installing a housed RFID reader on your device? An obvious factor is the small size of our modules. They are essentially small, compact circuit boards that readily integrate inside other device housings; either 72 x 37,8 x18 mm (Module) or 40,9 x 39,0 mm (Compact Module), so they can be conveniently accommodated in narrow spaces. Remember also that embedding an Idesco RFID module in your device usually won’t change its outer appearance.

In particular, if you produce your own brand of RFID readers, Idesco’s versatile OEM RFID modules lets you expand your product portfolio without investing resources to develop new technologies.

The checklist below helps you consider if you need an OEM reader module for your next project:

  • How much space can your device provide an embedded RFID module? (Idesco OEM RFID modules are compactly designed for convenient integration inside other device housings.)
  • How do you envision packaging, forwarding and integrating your RFID data? Our modules accommodate numerous interfaces, inputs and outputs to maximize your integration convenience.
  • How do you intend to connect to your system? Idesco modules are available with either cable or connector, or neither – whatever your preference.
  • What transponder technology do you plan to read? Ou modules support a wide variety of technologies, from 125 kHz Prox to high security MIFARE® DESFire and its high-end flexibility and data transfer options.

Curious to learn more? Download the Idesco OEM module brochure that compares Idesco OEM RFID reader modules and their features to help you find the best choice for your planned application.

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