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Test engineer Niko Kontu has been an Idesco team member for over a year. Any product Idesco sells must first survive a withering period of scrutiny on its test benches. Niko’s responsibility is to challenge any software in its totality, testing all potential configurations and, as needed, propose solution options with software developers. Only after all conceivable permutations of a product’s software have passed testing will assembly of a product for customers be authorized.

Identifying his coworkers’ bugs might seem an unfortunate role, but that is not how Niko nor his colleagues feel. “This is the nicest workplace I’ve ever worked in”, Niko confesses. “We always joke with one another, and I always feel free to ask for help if I need it”, he adds. “For the entire coding team, it is very rewarding after we have polished a piece of software to perfection and finalized it together.”

In addition to software testing, Niko also contributes to product development. During his free time, he plays padel with friends or enjoys cooking at home with his girlfriend.

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