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If you have an identification task that must be managed at a distance, we have readers that can help you. These readers use Ultra High Frequency (UHF) EPC technology to transact, even out to and beyond distances of 10 meters. Our EPC 2.0 readers are often found in logistics and vehicle identification settings that require such distance. However, EPC 2.0 is also chosen for person identification wherever fast, easy transactions are needed. For example, if hands-free identification is required, an EPC transponder badge, clipped outside the clothing or affixed to a forklift, frees users from presenting transponders to a reader. Instead, readers automatically detect the transponder at an assigned distance.

For person identification, Idesco EPC 2.0 Compact provides a convenient, hygienic hands-free solution out to two meters. The larger EPC 2.0 is suitable for personal identification at much greater distance, which is why it is also frequently deployed in vehicle identification applications. Equipped with an additional antenna, EPC 2.0 can effectively function as two widely-separated readers, letting you monitor and control traffic simultaneously in opposed lanes, for example.

Be aware UHF’s characteristics demand your careful consideration when choosing a transponder type, as well as the siting and orienting of readers. Transponder types become especially important if you plan to mount tags on metal surfaces or windshields.

Learn more about Idesco EPC readers and tags.

Download guide about siting of readers and tags in vehicle identification settings

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