“Markus is a teamwork sales guy”


Markus Hautala has been selling for Idesco over 10 years. When he first joined the company, he remembers he was given a phone and assigned some prospects to contact. “And yet I still felt immediately welcome. Along with the responsibility they gave, I also had colleagues reaching out, offering me help where I needed it, answering my questions”, Markus recalls. Looking back, it was a good strategy, since Markus’ customers and sales have continued growing together with his responsibility.

Although each salesperson has their own customers, sales demands teamwork. Regardless of unique assignments, every Idesco Team member strives toward the same goal: a happy customer. Markus pauses, thinking about his supporting team in Oulu. Then, with gratitude, he admits, “They always find answers for me. In our Idesco ‘family’, the teamwork emphasis is sincere because everyone is treated warmly, equally.”

Nurturing customer relationships (or establishing new ones) is a salesperson’s main goal. Listening to their needs, offering professional support and guidance are crucial. Lately however, Markus has shifted to meeting customers entirely online. He still teaches them about new Idesco products, updates pricing for them or helps solve their challenges. Yet, like other sales professionals, Markus looks forward to a return to face-to-face customer visits and exhibitions.

While an arriving order always cheers a salesperson’s day, it is not enough. “The best thing is hearing you solved your customer’s problem. That tells that you did something right”, Markus notes. “I enjoy working with customers. I am even grateful for them letting me help them. Customer feedback is a fuel I need, and positive feedback always makes me smile”, he admits. Markus’ Idesco team also enjoys the eagerness he brings to them. Down through the years, he has always shared customers’ encouraging messages, and thanked his teammates for the success of customer projects.

Markus lives in his birthplace, Muurame, Finland. He has two primary school aged children. In his free time, he often enjoys downhill skiing or playing golf.

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