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Mari Melakari is one of the newest to join Idesco’s supply chain management team. She oversees incoming component logistics and inventory, ensuring adequate supply for production members. Additionally, every day Mari expedites delivery of numerous Idesco product consignments to customers world-wide. Teamwork is integral to Mari’s work at Idesco. Every morning, Mari and her SCM team review the pending task and delivery schedule to parse assignments among individuals.

When Mari began at Idesco, it was a new kind of job with a robust learning curve. Yet the work variety since then has also kept her job interesting. “The best days give me a feeling of achievement; it’s nice leaving at the end of the day, with everything in its place, knowing shipments left for destinations on time, she says.

Mari has a most interesting hobby. In pursuit of her life-long dream, she applied to and was accepted into the Student Theatre of Oulu. She is already in rehearsal for her sixth performance. As the performance date approaches, she anticipates a string of evening rehearsals will keep her busy. Acting, however, provides a healthy counterbalance to work, Mari concludes.

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