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EPC reader technology uses Ultra High Frequency (UHF) radio waves for long distance reading. Depending on installation environment, device and transponder type, EPC readers can read from 2, out to 10 meters. Predictably, they are often found in logistics and vehicle identification settings that require longer transaction distance. EPC is also chosen for person identification wherever fast, easy transactions are needed. For example, wherever hands-free identification is needed, transponders embedded in clothes, in a badge, or on an item, will free users from showing their transponders to the reader. Instead, the reader automatically detects their transponder at distance.

For person identification, Idesco EPC 2.0 Compact provides a convenient reading distance of two meters. Although our more robust, larger EPC 2.0 is suitable for person identification at greater distance, it is more frequently tasked to vehicle identification applications. Indeed, equipped with an additional antenna, it can function as two separate readers, letting you monitor and control traffic in opposed directions simultaneously.

The characteristics of long-range UHF make reader placement, transponder types, and their orientation, factors that deserve your careful consideration. Transponder type is especially important for accommodating placement on metal surfaces or windshields.

Learn more about Idesco EPC readers and tags.

Download guide about siting of readers and tags in vehicle identification settings

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