What kind of long range reader?


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What kind of long range reader does your application need?

Long distance identification is essential when designing zone control, vehicle identification and logistics applications. Idesco’s EPC readers are your best choice for distances out to 10-15 meters. Need a wireless deployment? Easily accommodated with Idesco’s DCU and ICU controllers. Our versatile long range readers also include features you can use to reduce costs. For example,

  • Anticollision is an ability permitting the reader interrogate and store credentials from several transponders within its zone simultaneously – particularly valuable in logistics settings.
  • Monitoring a transponder population moment-by-moment for zone control is another application where EPC IA’s anticollision capability is especially valuable.
  • Configure an EPC reader with an external antenna in order to determine the direction of a moving transponder, or configure them to identify traffic travelling opposite directions.
  • EPC readers also permit adjustment of their interrogation zones, to ensure transponders will only be interrogated within strictly limited area, ignoring vehicles transiting a nearby lane.
  • You can store multiple applications on a transponder so it can fulfill different tasks; vehicle ID, physical access and cashless payments.
  • EPC readers readily deploy wirelessly with plug-n-play ease using our DCU and ICU controllers. Learn more from this installation that earned the praise of Swedish transport company Veolia.

Use our EPC reader comparison to find the best reader for your application!

Learn about significant cost differences between passive and active UHF-technology.

In long range applications, the distances between UHF readers and transponders, the surrounding environment, reader placement, transponder types and their orientation to a reader, all these factors profoundly impact deployments. Learn more about their impact in vehicle identification applications.

UHF transponders differ can from each other profoundly, based on their application. We supply UHF transponders for a variety of applications. Learn more about them here.

Standards and tests ensure safety of EPC readers. Read more!

Take a glance at Idesco’s EPC product family datasheet.

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