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DESFire training

8 CD 2.0 is a secure and reliable reader for future-proofed access control systems because it is an open technology MIFARE DESFire reader, compatible with open standards and other manufacturers’ MIFARE products. 8 CD 2.0 readers read the latest DESFire EV3 chip, yet remain backwards-compatible with nearly all MIFARE transponders.

One of the most secure access control technologies, DESFire protects data transfer between readers and transponders with 128 bit AES or TDES encryption. More important, DESFire readers and tags are coded with mutual security keys, permitting only properly-coded readers and transponders to interact. Idesco 8 CD 2.0 readers also support diversified security keys. This feature provides cards their own, unique security keys, instead of an entire card population sharing a single, security key with a site’s readers.

Although you can code security keys by yourself, we also offer a security key management service that conveniently programs security keys for your readers and cards, delivered directly to your customers’ sites. Idesco security key management service differs from other providers by ensuring security keys remain customers’ property, letting you decide on the life-cycle of your security keys.

Our readers also have features to strengthen your security while improving system management. Our 8 CD 2.0 OSDP can support the highly secure, OSDPv2 protocol. OSDP’s bi-directional data transfer (between readers and host) also supports a powerful file transfer capability that lets you simultaneously and remotely configure or update all your readers – directly from your system. 8 CD 2.0 MI can also read credentials from smartphones over a BLE or NFC connection. Lastly, 8 CD 2.0 readers come in a variety of housing options, with or without keypad.

We arrange 8 CD 2.0 product trainings that not only survey its technical features but also review DESFire’s basics, diversified security keys and OSDP. Contact us if you want training organized for your team too!

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