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RFID reader with an angled backplate

In addition to our award-winning RFID readers, we also design accessories that ease or simplify installation, enhance a reader’s usability, or ensure its reliability in challenging conditions. We provide different types, sizes and shapes of installation plates to support our readers for a variety of settings and conditions. Below is a short overview of the range of accessories you can choose from.

Installing on metal?

RFID readers installed on metal surfaces often suffer from compromised performance. That is why we designed plastic installation plates that eliminate the problem. Sandwiched between your reader and a metal surface, they lift your readers out of the zone of electromagnetic eddy waves that conductive metal surfaces often create, thereby protecting your reader’s optimal performance.

Faster, easier replacement siting

Replacements for legacy readers are often located directly over an old reader’s site. Our Installation plates conveniently cover their unsightly old fastener holes while easing cable threading for the new reader.

Another reader too close?

An Idesco metal Insulation Plate, when deployed behind your reader, insulates its broadcast field from the destructive interference of a reader or similar device sited on the opposite side of their shared wall.

Weather cover

If you install in a sunny spot, a weather cover doesn’t just merely your reader’s usability – it will keep your reader’s keypad recognizable even in direct sunlight.

Vandal protection

Although Idesco already makes its readers remarkably durable, with their electronics encased within hard epoxy, you can, if you wish, augment Idesco VM readers with vandal covers specifically-designed for them.

Enhanced accessibility

Our angled backplates let you flexibly install readers over a greater range of heights. By supporting an optimally angled reader position, you can enhance accessibility and use of your readers by different user groups, i.e. including those in wheelchairs. Our angled backplates come in a variety of sizes and angles.

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