Infobric deploys Idesco transparent reader: major construction site savings

For awhile, construction sites have provided a textbook example of how much electronic access control systems can benefit managers.

Picture: Infobric

Idesco devised a transparent reader to simplify Infobric’s construction site system management, making it powerfully adaptable to widely different market needs and technology standards

For awhile, construction sites have provided a textbook example of how much electronic access control systems can benefit managers. Controlling access to a site, including restricted zones, machinery access (such as lifts and elevators), increases both security and safety, while also helping track authorized personnel and even equipment utilization. An automatic, electric system, with that much functionality combined in a single service meets a high-value need in the construction industry.

Today, Infobric provides a cloud-based digital platform, Infobric Ease, to help construction site managers monitor and secure key elements, such as site safety, while increasing worker productivity and ensuring regulatory compliance. Infobric Ease possesses a wide range of functionality, from site access to energy control and much more. In addition to simplifying site management and boosting worker productivity, it simplifies sites’ compliance with staff ledger regulation across a number of European countries. Worker productivity has been enhanced by the elimination of queues to register new staff on site and attendance. Lastly, controlled access increases worker safety while reducing theft and vandalism.

Cloud management contributes even more to time and labor cost savings while also letting site owners conveniently fulfill their law-mandated employer obligations. To prevent tax avoidance and illegal workers, some European countries require construction site managers to upload the employee data registered in their staff ledgers – which Infobric Ease also provides, thereby also simplifying worker attendance monitoring. In short, the digital tracking of all this data saves significant time and money.


Idesco transparent readers save significant time simplifying system management

Infobric integrated Idesco’s 9 CD 2.0 Slim Pin T reader into Infobric Ease as its vital front-end interface with construction workers. The RFID industry commonly labels this type of reader ‘transparent’, because it seamlessly transmits transponder data – fully-encrypted to ANSSI Level 1 Architecture specification – directly to a system, without any mediating keys. This lets systems themselves directly control all aspects of transactions – including data collection and reader response – resulting in both a highly secure and a cost-effective solution. For integrators like Infobric, 9 CD 2.0 Slim Pin T’s direct, ‘transparent’, interaction between transponder and system not only simplifies transactions. It also lets them use more of the available features in the chips in workers’ transponders. This further benefits site owners and security managers because system updates can be implemented with greater agility and cost savings.

“There are several identification card standards we adapt our products and systems to work with. So, we really wanted a card reader we could use in all our markets, without needing different hardware updates after a system upgrade or launching a new functionality across our different markets.  The “transparent” reader from Idesco turned out to be the perfect solution”, says Björn Hilliges, IT & Electronics Director at Infobric.

“Infobric and Idesco have been co-operating for more than 10 years and through several product development projects. Over the years, Idesco repeatedly demonstrated their excellent quality in both product design and expertise, always providing us with products and solutions that reliably withstood very rough, inclement conditions amid frequent use at our customers’ construction sites, says Björn Hilliges,  IT & Electronics Director at Infobric. Every month, the Infobric Ease system handles approx. 11 000 000 card readings.  “So, Idesco is a key partner for Infobric, and each day their readers fill a vital role at approx. 15 000 construction sites, says Björn Hilliges,  IT & Electronics Director at Infobric.

Infobric Ease benefits for construction sites

  • Convenient regulatory compliance on staff ledger registration in numerous European countries
  • Increased productivity by reducing administrative tasks
  • Time savings from agile system updating (despite differing card standards in different markets) because reader updates are no longer needed
  • Enhanced reader functionality for workers with included keypads
  • Reliability of Scandinavian-designed readers that are robust, weather-proof, maintenance-free
  • Sites can now substantively help prevent undocumented labor and unprofessional contractors

Infobric Ease features:

  • Cloud-mediated service
  • Seamless data collection
  • Energy control
  • Regulatory-compliant staff ledger
  • Automated electronic access
  • Mobile attendance & access
  • Staff access control
  • Vehicle access control
  • Machine control
  • Smart locks

Infobric designs systems that make construction sites safer, more productive and reduce costs. Infobric’s solutions ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time at your site. Infobric provides you with the best-working solution for your worksite, for both work hours and after, in packages that have been serving successfully on European construction sites large and small. Their goal is to become the leading digitization partner for the construction industry in the Nordics.

With 30 years of experience, RFID technology pioneer Idesco Oy makes RFID readers, transponders, controllers and touch screen devices. Every day, for customers around the world, our devices collect data and enhance security for a variety of access control, vehicle identification, logistics and inventory systems.