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Thank you for participating in the online customer survey we conducted earlier this year. You and your fellow customers evaluated our performance regarding our customer relations, product quality, order-delivery process and business partnership. The average score for questions was 4,82 (on a scale of 1-6) – once again better than the industry average. It is also sets a new record for Idesco in this customer survey across the same indicators over the years.

The results indicate we continued improving our performance over last year’s already strong results, and that you and your fellow customers have grown more satisfied than ever with Idesco. All of you reported we particularly improved performance in development of products with desired features, increasing our order delivery efficiency, and by strengthening our support as your valued business partner.

How good is our customer service in practice? Here at Idesco, we believe whenever a customer contacts us, they deserve an immediate response. It’s why we insist on a very short chain of command to ensure all your requests are expedited as promptly as possible. All of us understand our own success depends very heavily on yours. Since we are committed to nurturing a true long-term partnership with you, we believe the best way to build trust is to communicate openly while maintaining a genuine service attitude throughout any challenges we can help you meet.

We will continue working hard to build upon our already high level of customer service, seeking additional ways we can improve upon it. Customer feedback powerfully helps us improve all our operations, so we truly appreciate the time you gave to this survey. We are confident your feedback will help us improve our support of you and all our customers. Feedback from previous years indicates we have been successful in enhancing our order-delivery process, resulting in shorter delivery times, in addition to scoring higher customer satisfaction in those particular areas. This year our delivery times scored much higher (5, on a scale of 1-6), while eighty percent of respondents graded Idesco delivery times at the same level or better than that of our competition.

Research company Onway also conducted extended interviews with a smaller set of customers while surveys were performed. Those interviews explored in more detail a customer’s unique expectations of Idesco, including their evaluation of Idesco’s ability to meet their future expectations. Jorma Hanhimäki, Onway Senior consultant, stated many customers were pleasantly surprised by such a unique opportunity to personally guide their reader supplier’s responsiveness to their expectations and future needs. Many said Idesco is the only reader supplier focused so strongly on the customer’s perspective in the conduct of such surveys. “Idesco now ranks twelfth in the host of 138 IT-companies we assess annually,” Jorma Hanhimäki confirmed. “It really pays to listen your customers”.

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