Idesco readers secure Krakow airport

Dyskret Poland Ltd., specializing in integrated security system design and installation, has deployed more than 450 Idesco Basic and Slim Pin readers within the new security system they designed to secure airport facilities at Krakow Airport.

Dyskret Poland Ltd., specializing in integrated security system design and installation, has deployed more than 450 Idesco Basic and Slim Pin readers within the new security system they designed to secure airport facilities at Krakow Airport. Dyskret’s system installations were a part of a comprehensive three-year extension and modernization of Krakow Airport – now the second largest, fastest growing and the most modern airport in Poland, with 55 000 square meters of facilities serving 5 million passengers this past year.

“We selected Idesco readers for this project because they have proven to be functionally reliable, neatly-designed and resistant in various conditions”, says Jacek Ozarowski, Dyskret project coordinator. They also came to rely on Idesco expertise while still selecting a reader supplier for this project. “Over the years, we have had very good experiences with Idesco’s R&D specialists, as well as their technical support”, says Jacek Ozarowski.

Throughout installation, Krakow airport of course needed to remain fully operational. Consequently over 80 of the 450 Idesco readers were installed with installation plates, which support faster, more convenient installation, and permit reader installations over challenging surfaces like metal surfaces or close to another reader.

“Indeed, Idesco installation plates helped us to neatly place readers in difficult sites or over challenging surfaces. They enabled convenient installation with connectors, e.g. on marble wall plates or over metal door frames. In some cases, where a two-way access control was used, two readers had to be installed back-to-back on standard partition walls (i.e. not thick concrete); Idesco’s insulation plates now ensure user cards won’t be read by both readers simultaneously”, says Ozarowski.

Jacek Ozarowski also noted the speedy installation was a crucial benefit since work had to be executed in extremely demanding conditions at a nearly fully operational airport. “I can rightfully say that Dyskret Poland executed the contract successfully and in a timely manner”, says Jacek Ozarowski.

As an experienced and trusted system integrator, Dyskret won a comprehensive contract to deliver to Krakow Airport – in addition to access control –  all electrical works and installations, both high- and low-voltage ones, fire alarm, voice announcement system and flight information display system for passengers, IT network, CCTV, and a building management system with ventilation, air conditioning and lighting automation.


Dyskret Poland Ltd. has almost 30 years of experience in installation of security management solutions and in system integration, mastering all difficulties associated with projects at all levels, tackling all logistical challenges.


Photo: Krakow airport