Idesco now an Amag Technology Symmetry Partner


Idesco just joined Amag Technology’s Symmetry Preferred Partner Program. Idesco bring more choice to Amag Technology’s Symmetry users with its wide variety of durable, dust- and moisture-proof IP67 protection readers, featuring high impact resistance, wide operable temperature ranges and support for several technologies including LEGIC, MIFARE DESFire and long range EPC.

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Mobile ID app


We have been developing a centralized mobile credential service to let your access control system push credentials down into your users’ phones.

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A new installation plate designed for a precise fit under 8 CD 2.0 Slim and 8 CD 2.0 Slim Pin readers is just completing development

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Wireless RFID reader


9 CM 2.0 Wireless transacts data using mobile networks, even in the remotest locations that lack data cabling.

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