Idesco Mobile Lite availabe also for Apple phones


mobile id solution for iOs phones

Now Apple phone owners may also install Idesco Mobile Lite’s app for access. Idesco Mobile Lite just released a new, updated app version for Android users. Download and install Idesco Mobile Lite for iOS from the Apple Store, or update your Idesco Mobile Lite app for Android from Google Play today!


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RFID reader with display


The use of Mobile IDs in access control grows more frequent every week. That is why our display reader, 8 CD 2.0 Pin D, will also soon accept a mobile ID from your smartphone.

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diversified security keys


We have begun adding an anti-collision ability to both our Wiegand and OSDP versions of our 8 CD 2.0 DESFire readers, letting them read multiple cards simultaneously.

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touch screen RFID device


Access Touch soon supports Windows’ latest version.

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