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Mobile access with smartphone

Our new mobile access solution, Idesco ID, provides a range of sizes and pricing models to fit any budget, any user population. Idesco ID’s Enterprise File Transfer is a smart way for larger organizations with lower staff turnover to introduce mobile access. Indeed, it is the most cost-effective way to implement Idesco ID Enterprise. How does it work?

A site will begin by exporting a CSV format file from their system. It must list at least the phone number and system-assigned unique ID for every user wanting mobile access privileges. After their CSV file is exported, the organization simply uploads it to Idesco’s secure extranet where Idesco team downloads it. Then this file it is forwarded to Idesco ID. From there, an SMS is distributed to every listed user in the organization.

Note that File Transfer does not require system-specific integration or maintenance. This makes it very cost-effective: a file transfer can be scheduled once, or only rarely. Upon purchasing File Transfer, an organization will also receive instructions on customizing and uploading the SMS their users receive and properly formatting configuration data for their site’s readers.

This makes Idesco ID with Enterprise File Transfer a truly cost-effective way to introduce mobile access convenience in a large organization. Secure, fast, flexible – the way modern mobile access should be.

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Mobile access with smartphone


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