Idesco ID Enterprise – Full Integration?


Idesco ID is unique among other mobile access solutions for a couple of important reasons. It not only offers a range of service and pricing options to meet different scales of need. Even more important, it lets sites manage mobile credential creation within their current access system. No separate off-site cloud application, user registration or passwords are involved – supremely convenient for integrators and site managers alike.

Larger organisations (>500 people) with higher staff turnover might anticipate an ongoing need for new or temporary mobile access privileges. Idesco ID’s Full integration provides system managers a powerful ability to add and distribute credentials 24/7/365 from within their current system. Idesco ID Full Integration’s architecture mediates creation of, and then registers users’ mobile credentials to their access control system via a REST API-integration.

This lets system managers create, manage and delete mobile credentials for their users in the same way they manage conventional access cards. The only data Full Integration requires are users’ mobile numbers, UUID numbers and optionally, their e-mail addresses. After registration requests have been sent, processed by users and verified, their data can be deleted. This ensures a systems’ privileged information will remain confined only within it. Idesco ID never stores user data nor does it embed itself within an existing access control system.

Instead, Idesco ID’s credential service merely mediates the creation and registration of users’ mobile credentials in their phones precisely as a system manager instructs it to.

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