Idesco ID brings access rights to phones


Mobile access with smartphone

Idesco ID service lets you conveniently integrate mobile phones to your access control system by simplifying sending user privileges to their phones. You can add Idesco ID service to your current system, letting you manage mobile privileges the same way you manage conventional tags and cards.  Best of all, it lets you send mobile IDs to users’ phones directly from your system. Idesco ID service is now paired with its own, dedicated mobile app users can install to enter your building.

Idesco ID makes deploying mobile access easy:

  1. Install mobile compatible Idesco 8 CD 2.0 MI readers at your control points
  2. Setup interface between Idesco ID service and your system
  3. Introduce your users to mobile access, showing them how to download Idesco ID app
  4. Send them their mobile IDs directly from your system

Idesco ID service only transmits the mobile IDs to users’ phones and does not store their identifying data. So, users must only provide their phone number or e-mail address. Both are easily removed from the service after you send their mobile IDs. Two system interface options are available for sending mobile IDs, either continuously (via bulk file transfer) or singly, depending on your preferences and convenience. Regardless of which option you choose, your deletion of temporary data from the service ensures user data will reside only in your system.

Download Idesco ID concept brochure

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