Hygienic access control is here to stay


Hygienic convenience is rapidly becoming a common access control factor when securing workplaces and other indoor areas visited frequently daily by numerous people. Hygienic or even touchless identification solutions might continue growing in importance in the future.

Idesco’s readers are easy to clean, helping you to implement contact-free and secure identification. Obviously, readers and tags must both be able to tolerate constant, harsh cleaning. Many Idesco readers possess IP67 protection class, ensuring they are robustly insulated from harsh chemical moisture.

If you have an access point requiring personal pin codes, bear in mind our capacitive pin pads are the easiest to sanitize. While many mechanical keypads’ moving keys certainly can be cleaned, their protection class might not tolerate frequent exposure to chemical liquids or vapors. Wherever mechanical keypads are a necessity, the ideal solution eliminates gaps between keys and housing since they will unavoidably wick and retain vapor, dust – and viable viral particles.

Idesco’s variety of reader housings include both capacitive and mechanical keypads able to accommodate a wide range of needs. Idesco keypad readers provide the same, high IP67 protection class Idesco’s non-keypad readers have. In short, all may be safely cleaned with traditional disinfecting cleaning agents.

Solutions that enable hands-free, but still controlled access are ideal for hospitals and other healthcare settings enforcing hygiene-critical zones. Idesco hands-free solutions are designed to let authorized staff pass through control points without touching any surface, while still preventing access by others.

Idesco EPC readers readily transact with necklace transponders from significant distance. This permits hands-free access to health workers guiding patient gurneys – or parcel-carrying delivery personnel.

Idesco’s new Mobile Lite offers yet another hygienic solution. When configured to security level 1, an Idesco Mobile Lite reader (8 CD 2.0 MI) detects a user’s privileges in their pocket-held mobile phone. Hands-free transaction distances for Idesco Mobile Lite are flexibly adjustable between one and nine meters.

Summary of hygienic benefits of Idesco solutions:

  • IP67 protection class Idesco readers reliably endure constant chemical sanitizing; including our pin pad readers
  • The switch from pin code requirement to transponder-only reading is fast, easy, convenient
  • Idesco’s total, touchless solutions work seamlessly with automatic doors:
    • EPC readers transact at distance with necklace- or clothing-attached transponders
    • Idesco Mobile Lite security level 1 can transact with pocket-held mobile phones
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