update RFID reader

How to update firmware?

Updates to your readers’ firmware significantly extend not just their lifespan – but your entire system’s also. That is why we provide you three different methods to perform updates to accommodate different readers, system types and supporting different features.

For example, if your system supports OSDPv2, you can easily update your Idesco readers’ firmware with a single command you issue centrally from your system. The utilized “File Transfer” function also requires your Idesco readers have Bootloader 3.1 embedded. Our technical support team will happily show you how to check this. In short, OSDPv2 File Transfer is an easy and cost-effective way to update large numbers of readers with a single command, without ever uninstalling them.

You can also update our newest 8 CD 2.0 readers with your phone using our Mobile Coder app. Mobile Coder also supports configuration of other Idesco reader settings, including Bluetooth. Like OSDPv2, updating via Mobile Coder also requires readers have Bootloader 3.1 embedded. Even so, firmware updating with Mobile Coder only takes a few seconds per reader!

Finally, all Idesco readers (except USB or USB HI interfaced ones) can update their firmware via installer packages sent via a USB converter that connects a reader to a PC.

Need to update readers, or planning to purchase new, easily updatable readers?

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