How does DESFire work?


If you are curious about DESFire security features, or need to learn more about it, know that we are always eager to share our knowledge and help you. We provide a wide range of tailored DESFire training, including instructive and accessible webinars to help you and your team.

In addition to being one of the world’s most secure RFID technologies, MIFARE® DESFire is easily its most accessible. First, DESFire tags are programmable to only let authorized readers transact with them. In practice, this means your DESFire tag can’t be cloned, its reader can’t be hacked and their transaction can’t be skimmed.  So, if you must eliminate any risk of hacking or cloning, choose DESFire. Its 128 bit AES / TDES encryption is effectively unbreakable, securing communication between readers and transponders in a process known as mutual authentication. Adding a personal pin code step for users further enhances their authentication, giving your identification system utmost security.

Were you aware that Idesco MIFARE® DESFire readers are backwards-compatible with MIFARE® Classic tags and cards? This lets you delay migration to DESFire while installing new Idesco DESFire readers in a Classic system. Implement DESFire later – after a site’s legacy readers and transponders have been replaced.

Please contact us! We will happily design a tailored DESFire training for your team!

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