Highest performance ever

Thank you for participating in our recent customer survey. The average score for questions was 4,99 (on a scale of 1-6) – once again, better than industry average.

Thank you for participating in our recent customer survey which evaluated our performance regarding customer relations, product quality, order-delivery process and business partnership. The average score for questions was 4,99 (on a scale of 1-6) – once again, better than industry average.

Customers gave the highest performance scores to the technical expertise of our customer support team (5,56), their availability (5,43) and their problem-solving ability (5,40.) Customers also gave us high scores for keeping to our agreed delivery schedules (5,04) and rapid response to their questions (5,06). These are vital areas, concretely impacting the care of your own end-customers.

When ordered readers arrive where you want, when you want, it helps ensure your customer can start using your system when promised. When technical questions arise, your installers need fast answers that let them proceed quickly, without waiting. Another reason why we invest so robustly in customer service is because we understand our customers’ daily work: keeping our promises helps you keep your promises to your own customers and end-users.

One Idesco advantage is our entire team, from product development down to shipping, works in a single building. This helps us find answers to your questions faster to expedite them to you. Although our customers also scored our daily communication with them higher than industry average, we still feel we can better anticipate issues and report to you before they become problems. We commit to achieving that.

Additionally, we began accelerating development of new products and technologies by adding resources to support them. Indeed, the past year has been one of solid growth for us. Both our business and the number of personnel expanded. We have been and continue recruiting in product development, customer service, materials handling and sales. We intend our new hires won’t just maintain and reinforce the fast, flexible service you are accustomed to. We also intend to better support your future needs vis-à-vis our current and upcoming projects in product development.

We do all this because our ultimate goal is, building upon our customers’ trust, to become Europe’s most-respected and preferred RFID reader supplier. A recent assessment of 151 Finnish IT-companies by research company Onway determined Idesco’s performance now sits solidly in the top 5 %. Thank you, to all of you who have helped show us the way to this accomplishment. By helping us achieve this you also deserve to share in it. And so, we re-commit to constant, ongoing development and true partnership with you, by continuing to monitor and adapt to your feedback and guidance in the future.

Thank you, once again, for your generous participation in this vitally important survey. We depend on you.

Please contact me with any questions regarding your survey and these results.