Flexible use of cards and tags

The access control cards and tags people use to enter workplaces, residences or other controlled areas, can easily be assigned other uses. If your installed system follows common card standards, it is easy to expand the use of cards to tasks other than controlling entry.

Obviously, cards and tags are frequently deployed to monitor time and attendance. However, cafeteria lunch payments and workplace device access have also grown common, for example managing networked printers and copiers. More companies are beginning to closely monitor resource utilization, for which access control cards and tags are ideally suited.

For example, cable products manufacturer Prysmian Finland reaped significant savings in employees work glove utilization by installing a tag-transacting glove dispensary, Q-Spin, made by ACG Pulse. In its first year, this tag-triggered glove dispensary lowered Prysmian’s work glove use 70%. It increased productivity by giving employees access to work gloves whenever they need them, while streamlining stock management by tracking use. Prysmian workers get work gloves from the dispensary with their personal access control tags.

Similarly, authorized access has seen increased use in settings such as hospitals’ medical storage, both for controlling access by authorized employees and for inventory monitoring.

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