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Ella Juvonen has been part of Idesco’s software developer team for a couple of years now. In addition to coding embedded software for Idesco readers, she also helps customer support explain reader software features for interested customers. Ella considers herself a typical software designer, always eager to solve problems. “The best part of this work is the joy it provides after solving a tricky problem. The best workday provides a task you can analyze and successfully solve, then see your solution working well in practice, says Ella.

Like so many recently, Ella has also worked remote a lot since last spring. “Sometimes I miss my colleagues, despite how smooth the work flows at home”, Ella comments. Idesco’s product development team has noticed that daily online meetings helps support the team better. Every day at the same time, they meet, update each other, while chatting about work and life. “You can always ask for help and get a fast response, whether you are at home or office. Teamwork is essential for us software developers; often, the fastest solutions are found when we are together, either live or remote, Ella explains.

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As summer approaches, remember to send your orders to orders@idesco.fi and support requests via support@idesco.fi.

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