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Idesco Mobile Lite mobile ID application is convenient, easy to use and manage. For starters, it doesn’t require a cloud service. Users simply download the app to their mobile phone which simultaneously creates a device UID in their phone. This device UID is then queried by an Enrollment Station to be stored in the access control system. During this process, door specific user rights are defined.

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The Device UID will be a so-called parallel card number to the user’s other card numbers. Together with mobile ID, the user can use also traditional DESFire transponders in the system. The Device UID remains the same even if the user re-installs Mobile Lite. This means convenient system management, because redundant re-enrolling the user to the system is avoided.

Three different security levels can be defined door specific. First security level allows accessing without additional procedures, and the mobile phone can be in the pocket when accessing. The second security level requires selecting a button in the menu in the phone’s lock screen. The third level requires authentication by unlocking the mobile phone’s own security locking, e.g. fingerprint or pin code.

BLE communication between the mobile phone and readers is covered by a secure 128 bit encryption.

Deployment of Idesco Mobile Lite in a nutshell:

  • 8 CD 2.0 MI readers are installed at doors. The readers are configured with door specific security levels (1-3) with a configuration card
  • User downloads Idesco Mobile Lite application in Google Play. Device UID is created in the mobile phone
  • User is added to the system by reading the Device UID in the phone. Simultaneously, door specific user rights are defined
  • User authenticates at the door based on the door specific security level

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Download descriptions of Idesco Mobile Lite and Idesco Mobile Cloud

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