What are diversified security keys?


diversified security keys

DESFire security rests upon a clever, mutual authentication protocol that readers and transponders follow. This protocol is designed to confirm whether the other possesses an identical digital string commonly called a security key. Only when both prove this condition will a transponder reveals its contents to a reader.

Diversified security keys extend this security even further. Traditional DESFire programmed a single security key to a site’s entire population of readers and transponders. By contrast, diversified security keys gives each transponder its own, unique security key.

With 128-bit AES encryption protecting it, DESFire already provides effectively unbreakable transponder security, impervious to hacking or cloning even by modern computers. Diversified security keys brings still more protection to transactions over the air interface between readers and transponders.

Additionally, since DESFire rests upon MIFARE’s open, multi-source standard, you can also secure your device supply in the future. We provide DESFire readers with short delivery times straight from Idesco’s stock. If needed, we can create and program customer-specific security keys in both readers and transponders, ready for site-delivery. Or program them yourself, with our easy-to-use DESCoder programming tool, freeing you to manage security keys and create configuration cards yourself.

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