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RFID reader with display and OSDP / OSDP v2

An RFID display reader expands the ability of users’ to interact with your identification system. For example, after an employee transacts in the morning, a personalized message can be displayed for them, notifying them of a schedule or meeting room change. If some users need an ability to reply to or to modify their status, a display reader’s keypad lets them do so. Alternatively, a display reader’s keypad lets users make product or service choices, with their payment mediated by their RFID tag.

Idesco provides three different solutions for such interactive RFID applications: 8 CD 2.0 D Pin and its touch screen devices, AT 4.0 and AT 4.1. While 8 CD 2.0 D Pin is a DESFire reader, AT 4.0 and AT 4.1 touch screen devices can support a variety of technologies from 125 kHz prox to MIFARE® DESFire.

8 CD 2.0 D Pin provides a mechanical number keypad with additional function keys to let you communicate with your system via OSDPv2 protocol for secure, bi-directional data flow. This reader is already helping libraries provide limited after-hours access to its visitors. Users transact with their library cards and pin codes, while the screen confirms success and displays instructions for entering.

By contrast, the advanced capacitive touch screens of AT 4.0 and AT 4.1 (Windows or Linux, with internet option) support rich graphical user interfaces, e.g. for payment applications mediated by their embedded RFID modules. These units can also serve as info and help screens, capable of communication, instruction, etc. Customers frequently deploy AT 4.0 and AT 4.1 for time and attendance or employee cafeteria purchases with payment data forwarded to payroll departments.

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