Display readers expand your options


RFID reader with display

An RFID display reader, 8 CD 2.0 D Pin expands the ability of users’ to interact with your identification system. For example, after an employee shows his card to the reader in the morning, a personalized message can be displayed for them, notifying them of a schedule or meeting room change. If some users need an ability to reply to or to modify their status, a display reader’s keypad lets them do so. Alternatively, a display reader’s keypad lets users make product or service choices, with their payment mediated by their RFID tag

8 CD 2.0 D Pin provides a mechanical keypad with additional function keys to let you communicate with your system via OSDPv2 protocol for secure, bi-directional data flow. It is also mobile compatible and reads mobile credentials in mobile phones.

 Australian company High Frequency introduced 8 CD 2.0 Pin D in their linen hub system. Service improved and support calls decreased! Learn more!

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