Different ways to use Idesco ID

Frequent sending, single batch or only occasional new mobile credentials? Idesco ID does them them all.

Door access via mobile phone continues growing in popularity. It is no surprise since phones provide an ideal container for digital credentials: secure, convenient and carried by everyone. Phones easily transact credentials with door readers over an encrypted Bluetooth connection. Mobile access also allows using a phone’s own security lock, such as fingerprint, pattern, etc., to strengthen verification. Such stronger verification can’t be applied to standard cards or tags without also integrating a separate, often expensive biometric reader.

Idesco ID makes both mobile access and especially credential management much easier. How so? Until recently, mobile access solutions required cloud-based services to manage and send mobile credentials. This forced integrators and installers to use a cloud system separate from and in parallel with their own access control system.

By contrast, Idesco ID lets integrators create, send and manage users’ mobile credentials within the site’s existing access control system managing users’ cards and tags. Idesco ID even lets them send mobile credentials to users’ phones directly from that system, without needing to log into a parallel cloud-based system.

This also makes Idesco ID mobile access a uniquely economical and environmentally-friendly solution for temporary access rights. No more assigning physical cards or tags to users that only need a couple days of access. You simply send the credential to their phones, saving both time and resources.

Even better, Idesco ID gives you different ways to use it. Organizations that assign new mobile credentials frequently will find Idesco ID’s continuous Enterprise service an ideal choice. Alternatively, credentials can be sent to phones in a single batch, limiting use of Idesco ID service to a single transfer.

Smaller organisations with less users greatly benefit from Idesco ID Entry level. Once users install Idesco ID app on their phones it automatically creates and stores a credential in their phone, that can be read and enrolled into the system later via separate Enrollment Station device assigned to reception or a building manager, for example.

Regardless of the scale of your need, Idesco ID keeps credential management within your system – Idesco ID will not become a ‘part’ of your own system. Further, users won’t need to create accounts and share their personal data in the cloud, let alone manage more passwords. They only provide their site with their phone number, and additionally an email address if preferred, for sending their mobile credential. After credentials are sent and registered, phone numbers and email addresses are deleted from Idesco ID service.