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MIFARE DESFire is already one of the world’s most secure card technologies. However, as an open standard technology, it offers even more benefits that proprietary, closed technologies can’t. First, MIFARE’s standard was approved by a consortium of manufacturers to ensure its ongoing research and improvement. That is why DESFire, like other secure access technologies, protects you with mutually authenticated security keys and powerful encryption.

However, DESFire also protects you from a risk that single proprietary sources can’t. What risk is that? The risk that your sole source’s software or hardware problems could instantly turn you into a liability with your customers. That risk doesn’t care about your source’s reputation. That means the only reliable way to protect your business reputation is to use DESFire’s open, multi-sourced technology. DESFire remains unhacked and has kept good its market reputation – as the most secure, flexible and cost-effective modern access technology.

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