Danish Industries delighted with “future-proofed” Idesco readers

Danish Industries’ state-of-the-art building in a prime Copenhagen location, uses modern Idesco 8 CD 2.0 DESFire readers in the access control system Schneider Electric designed.

Danish Industries delighted with “future-proofed” Idesco readers

Danish Industries, a trade organization and employers’ association, occupies a prime location in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark.  One of their primary responsibilities is nurturing and maintaining optimal conditions for Danish businesses developing, manufacturing and competing at home and abroad.

In the course of developing plans for their building’s recent renovation, Danish Industries identified a need for replacing their former access control system which was no longer adequate to meet their requirements.  A decision was made to replace it during renovation.  They desired a new, integrated solution featuring Intrusion Alarm, Access Control and CCTV, all controlled from a single platform to ease its management.

Danish Industries settled on Schneider Electric to build their system, noting they had the experience and sensitivity to understand the depth of their needs while cost-effectively deploying a solution that would be flexible and conveniently expandable in the future. Danish Industries correspondingly settled on Schneider Electric’s I/net system for its flexibility, versatility and ease of management.  Schneider Electric, in turn, called upon Idesco to supply the access control readers upon which an integral part of their system would depend.  Schneider Electric had previously deployed Idesco readers in other solutions and knew Idesco’s readers met (and in some cases, surpassed) every requirement their solution would have for its access control readers.  Particularly, they knew Idesco’s Access 8 CD 2.0 Mifare® DESFire readers would enhance their system’s expansion convenience and cost-effectiveness.  For the Access 8 CD 2.0 is very easily configured and even more conveniently updated (no uninstallation needed), saving time and money.  Danish Industries is now wholly confident of their new system’s long life span and low maintenance costs, in addition to its security.

“We’re currently installing 245 access-controlled doors in the Danish Industries building. Everything in this building is state-of-the-art and somewhat ‘future proof’. That’s why we chose to use Idesco’s Access 8CD 2.0 Slim Pin readers”, noted Anders Aagaard from Scheider Electric. “This type of reader is very easy to configure, re-configure. It manages several different card technologies and in our case, the DESFire technology”, he observed.

In summary, Danish Industry acquired a flexible system at a competitive price, with plenty of room for expansion.  Last but not least, they were equally impressed by the aesthetic of their Idesco readers, which they found remarkably modern. “A perfect fit for our new modern house”, approved Anne G. Jensen, senior project manager from Danish Industries.