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Over the past few months we have conducted interviews with some of our customers to discuss market trends and Idesco’s performance, and we are happy to share some of the insights with you. Particularly noteworthy were how many respondents commented about shifting public perceptions toward mobile access. This encouragingly aligns with our own understanding and confirms our efforts to simplify mobile access deployment for integrators and ease its acceptance by end-users in the public at large.

As in past years, our customers continued both assigning a high value to our expert technical support, and grade it highly. Customers also generously offered suggestions for how we can further improve the quality of our partnership approach to our customer relationships.

We highly value both your feedback and suggestions because they help us identify where attention is needed, in addition to confirming where we are succeeding. So, we encourage you to share your thoughts with us, as we continuously want to better serve and help you in your business.

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