Construction site reliability

9 CM 2.0 Wireless transacts data using mobile networks, even in the remotest locations that lack data cabling.

Legislation for construction firms in Norway, Finland and Sweden requires identifying and collecting earnings data for all employees at their sites. This means today, a worker can only enter a construction site with their assigned personnel card. Idesco designed its 9 CM 2.0 Wireless reader especially to meet this need of construction sites. The reader wirelessly transacts using mobile networks, even in the remotest locations that lack data cabling.

Operating literally in all weather conditions, 9 CM 2.0 Wireless is obviously built tough, even tolerating impacts extremely well. Since some construction sites are remote, devices must remain operational without frequent maintenance. It is why 9 C 2.0 Wireless was also designed for remote configuration via SMS.

Norwegian SmartDok regularly deploys 9 CM 2.0 Wireless as part of their construction site systems. It permitted them to replace tablet-based card scanning that often proved unwieldy and unpractical in some construction sites. They envisioned a tough reader capable of withstanding the harsh weather frequently found at customers’ sites. They also wanted it to excel in user-friendliness while remaining effectively ‘bomb-proof’ to weather – withstanding both very low and high temperatures in addition to moisture extremes. They also demanded near plug-n-play convenience and reliability upon installation, with an ability to stay on-the-job without servicing for long timespans. Finally, because their customers’ sites were often so remote, cabling to mediate data transfer could not be considered.

SmartDok began seeking a user-friendly, easily-installed RFID reader with demonstrated invulnerability to harsh weather, capable of collecting and forwarding their customers’ employee data. They found Idesco, settling on its GSM reader, 9 CM 2.0 Wireless, to complete the solution they planned to offer customers administering Norway’s numerous construction sites.

“Our solution lets you track who is onsite at any given moment, which is crucial in the event of an emergency or if an evacuation is ordered. Our customers now easily fulfill their obligation of maintaining an accurate record of access / exits to and from their construction sites”, Sondre Andersen Dreyer from SmartDok explains.

SmartDok has been satisfied with their reader choice. Tough, with a large enough LED indicator to be visible even in daylight, the reader’s GSM data connection profoundly simplifies and streamlines data transfer. Systems can now be located literally anywhere in the world serviced by mobile – and Idesco’s reader will connect with it reliably. As mentioned, it even lets you configure a variety of settings (e.g., server settings, password, pin codes of the sim card) remotely via SMS, further simplifying its maintenance.

Like other Idesco customers, SmartDok values Idesco’s practice of close customer cooperation. Idesco’s short chain of command, lets it closely support its partners with prompt answers to any question. “We extensively investigated their reputation, and all feedback was great. In addition to their reader meeting our requirements, Idesco’s long experience in RFID with a practice of exhaustively testing its products – those factors were decisive for us”, Sondre Andersen Dreyer emphasizes.

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