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A powerful expansion of Idesco Mobile Lite’s capability is coming soon. We have designed a new mobile app to configure the most essential Bluetooth settings in our mobile-compatible readers. Using this new mobile app isn’t just convenient; it is fast too. It instantly detects your readers’ Bluetooth settings, for fast, simple adjustment. No more relying on physical configuration cards and coding them to adjust Bluetooth settings. The Idesco Mobile Coder app also lets you name your readers, in addition to adjusting connection distance, re-read delay and security level.

Idesco Mobile Coder app will become part of and support the Idesco Mobile Lite solution. Idesco Mobile Lite lets people enter doors using their smart phones’ Bluetooth ability to connect with our 8 CD 2.0 MI readers. One of three different security levels can be assigned to each door. Each security level differs in the response required from a user to gain access. Level 1 needs no action; access is given by detecting the user’s phone in their pocket. Level 2 requires the user press an app button before their door opens. Level 3, the most secure, requires a user fulfill their phone’s own secure unlock protocol before opening the door.

Soon, Idesco Mobile Coder will allow you to configure these and other Bluetooth settings in 8 CD 2.0 MI readers quickly and easily with your smartphone.

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