Now configure readers’ Bluetooth settings from your phone

Now you can easily configure 8 CD 2.0 MI readers’ Bluetooth settings with the new Idesco Mobile Coder app installed in your phone.

Have you already heard about Idesco Mobile Lite, our new solution that lets you enter a building using your phone? Mobile access is a rapidly growing feature in access control because credentialing is not only secure but easy to deploy and manage. Now, transacting our readers with your phone will offer yet another benefit: it will also simplify and speed reader deployment for installers and integrators. How so?

An integral feature of Idesco’s Mobile Lite concept is the customizability of an 8 CD 2.0 MI reader’s Bluetooth settings. Now you can easily configure these settings with the new Idesco Mobile Coder app installed in your phone. No more programming of individual physical configuration cards to merely name your readers or revise Bluetooth settings. Instead, simply transfer your configuration from your computer to your phone via Idesco’s Mobile Coder app, then use it to configure your readers. Fast and easy!

Idesco Mobile Coder app’s current version lets you name readers, adjust their connection distance, re-read delay and security level, while simultaneously easing system management by reducing the number of physical configuration cards. You create readers’ configuration files with the upcoming version of DESCoder. Contact us now to learn more!

Idesco Mobile Coder will be soon released in Google Play. Download Idesco Mobile Coder service description and datasheet.

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